9. Don’t overwork yourself-If you are already an overachiever, have been dubbed a “workaholic” or you are generally exhausted, then you need to slow down and break the habit of setting impossible goals for yourself in the New Year.

10. Volunteer to get involved with special assignment-The more you can help across other departments, the better. Leading expertise, time and effort to others will help you get to know other aspect of the organization as well as help you connect with people across the departments. However, remember that your current position and duties are the most important, so be sure not to bite more than you can chew.

11. See the big picture-There are many employees who only focus on what they’re doing which prevents them from seeing the big picture. You are just one piece of the puzzle and the puzzle isn’t complete until all of the pieces are in place. Find out what your co-workers are doing. By getting a better understanding of the big picture, it will become clearer to you why you’ve been asked to complete certain tasks. Additionally, it’s great learning experience which can help prepare you for a higher level position.

12. Invest in continuous learning-Many organizations encourage employees to go back to school and pick up courses that can help them do their job better, if you are pursuing an MBA, try to immediately translate your newly acquired knowledge into tangible action at work, as this can grab the attention of company decision makers and show them what you can do for the organization.

13. Ask the right questions-Aside from observing people at work, there is probably no better way of learning than by asking questions. Think about what you want to know before you ask about it and don’t ask so many questions that people will think that you’re taking up too much of their time. Of course, when you get answers to your questions, it could raise more questions but if you truly want to learn and better yourself, ask anyway.

14. Follow through on all tasks and commitments-One of the most important things you can do as an employee is to follow through on work commitments, do what you say you are going to do in a quality manner and remember the core values of your organization. Your co-workers and management will see a pattern of reliability from you, which should increase their trust and confidence in your work. Over time, this should translate into key leadership taking notice of the value you bring to the organization, and may lead to challenging, promotional opportunities down the road.

Pay more attention to details; stop complaining; become more of a team player; and go above and beyond. From an employee perspective, the more you show your dedication, commitment abilities and potential to your employer, the more it will help you when it’s review time next year. Doing better at your job can lead to more sizeable monetary rewards, as well as stretch assignments and promotional opportunities. Employers may think about where your skills and abilities can be leveraged around the work place, not just in your current position.
The better you are at what you do, the more people notice and the more opportunities may arise for you at work in the long run.

Have a most blessed week!

In the service of His majesty!


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