An argument is never a good thing but sometimes we cannot avoid it, so its wise to know a few tips on how to end any argument on a good note, no matter what. But to disagree is one thing, to be disagreeable is another.

Holding up so much ‘pressure’ inside is not healthy whether at work or at home.

I cannot stand being angry at someone, and I don’t like feeling like someone is angry at me. Always try to resolve any conflict peacefully, even if the person is irritating and you don’t like them.

If you have an argument, which you’ll definitely do sometimes, here are 7 tips to follow to end it peacefully:

1)Keep those bad things to yourself: Its so easy to say wounding words, such as ‘I hate you,’ ‘Don’t want to see you anymore,’ or ‘You are the worst person in the world,’ but its so difficult to apologize. You don’t have to voice every thought that you have. Sure, you form your own views and you have your own opinion, but sometimes its better to keep them to yourself.

2)Listen: A person who starts an argument is certainly angry. To end an argument peacefully, you will need to let them vent without interrupting them. Sure, you might want to defend yourself, but that will only make it worse. Don’t intensify the anger, and don’t try to win an argument. Take a few deep breaths, listen and then try to speak peacefully.

3)Remind yourself why you love them: If you are trying to end an argument with your spouse/partner, I’ll suggest that you think about the things you really love about them. Keep those things in mind when you argue with your partner, and you will be much more authentic and honest. Remind yourself of those ‘special’ details that makes them your choice.

4)Treat others the way you want to be treated: When it comes to arguments, we should remember this saying, ‘In any relationship, you always mirror yourself and your emotions, actions and energies are aligned.’ If you want someone to be friendly and positive, you should display those qualities and treat that person with respect no matter how angry. You are.

5)Use your point of view: When you let the person vent and you finally start talking, use your point of view. Try to speak calmly and respectfully and make sure you are friendly. This will make them less defensive and they will be less hostile. I always believe that every conflict can be resolved peacefully.

6)Don’t try to win an argument: Its a bad idea to try to win an argument. Its not a competition and there’s no winner in an argument. Keep in mind that winning is not the aim, but ending the argument peacefully. That means you should talk the problem over and come to an agreement. Remember, the more argument you win, the fewer friends you’ll have!

7)Silence is golden: There’s a sayin that, ‘When an argument flares up, the wise man quenches it with silence.’ Silence is one of the most effective ways to end an argument. It is essential when it comes to negotiation. Many of us find an awkward silence uncomfortable, but its important for processing feelings and thoughts as we’ll as making a decision. Its better to keep silent for a while than to say something that can make things even worse…which you may end up regretting.

Its not easy to end an argument, especially if the person wants to argue and is not interested in resolving the conflict. But the tips shared above can really help in most common arguments.

How do you usually end an argument? Share your thoughts with us!

In the service of His majesty!


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