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Work is usually a big part of you, no one has a perfect work life and there is always room for improvement. Most people aspire to be better at their jobs because it results in increase happiness and personal satisfaction. Most employees have had their year-end performance review at this point, and they now have a “clearer view of their strengths, weaknesses, and goals laid out for them by their employers.” Others will take time off from work throughout the year, work tends to be a big part of the year.

When you read ‘January 1’ on your calendar, it’s just a numerical and psychologically a fresh start. We spend most of our waking hours at work, so it’s natural that you’ll reflect on your work life and career from a broader perspective and strive to be a better employee in the coming Year.

Here are a few things you can do to be better at your job in 2014:

1. Anticipate your department’s need-Being a reliable source for your department leader and seeing opportunities for your department to improve are great ways to be better at your job. Take tasks, seeing this initiative often help them understand that you can handle responsibilities pro actively. and things will not be falling solely on their shoulders.

2. Get to know your boss better-Your boss controls your destiny at work so it’s in your best interest to get to know them better both personally and professionally. “It doesn’t mean you need to be friends with them, hang out or gossip with them, but you do need to learn what makes them thick. The more you communicate with your boss, the better it is for you.
“While you at it, get to know your bosses boss as we’ll!”

3. Assume success-Your positive attitude can be seen in your facial expression, posture tone and speed of your voice. Be confident in your work. You’re uniquely qualified to do exactly what you do.
Imagine that everything you contribute helps the bottom line. Even when things are dicey, you can challenge yourself to use setbacks as opportunities.

4. Study your organization-Your work place is constantly changing and you need to keep up with what’s happening now, most organizations have new innovations and ideas, it is important you get yourself acclamatize to them so that you are well informed and can discuss recent events and changes with your co-workers, supervisors and management. Information is power.

5. Always come to the table with a solution-Offering solution or idea is only half of the equation and many heads of departments feel that an idea without an action plan will only create more work for them. Share ideas with context and a clear path for implementation for the leader to evaluate. The more you present any issues with recommended solutions and then implement those solutions in a timely manner, the more the leadership team will rely on you and think about you for future projects and new responsibilities.

6. Find a mentor-Everyone needs someone to teach them the ropes; to guide them through their career, Teach says “find someone at your disposal that you respect and want to learn from” You don’t need to directly ask them to be your mentor, just keep the communication lines open and take them out for lunch once in a while. You can also talk to them about non-work interests as well-but when you need work advice, they’ll be there for you.

7. Improve your communication skills-One of the most common mistakes made by both managers and employees today, is that too often, both are afraid to come to the table and talk about underlying issues, fear of confrontation so overwhelming, but if you communicate boldly, more frequently, and honestly in 2014, and you are not afraid to work through conflict, you will likely reduce your stress and be a better worker. Too much time is spent on dwelling on misunderstood employee communications, which, if left unaddressed, eventually leads to conflict. And an ever-tempting, over-reliance on technology with its benefits of brevity and immediacy can exacerbate that.

8. Work harder and smarter-Some employees set limits and boundaries for themselves as far as the number of hours worked or how much work they’re willing to do. It’s important to go outside these boundaries and go with the flow, Having said this, working harder is not enough. The key is to be able to work smarter so that you’re maximizing your abilities and making the most out of your time.

Do your best to implement these tips..and watch out for the remaining part in a fortnight. Its going to be a hitch free 2014!

“Strength stands you out and what really makes you who you are and a capable being is your ability to overcome your weaknesses, turning them to your strength.” Tim Lahaye

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